Actress Aditi Sex Story

Hello, My name is Alex. This is the story when I found a wishing well in which a girl was sitting there. Actress Aditi Sex Story I asked- Why are you sitting here? Girl- I am a troubled soul. I refused to fuck my brother when he asked so. My brother who was a gifted person, cursed me that when I die, I will sit beside this well for eternity and I will only get free from this world if someone would dip a coin in this well and make a wish to leave all his relations and become a brother to a girl.

Me: Can I make that wish?

Girl: Smiling and rising, Will you do that for me??

Me: Ya why not!!

Girl: Okay!! Just give me the name of the girl…


The girl started showing me pictures in thin air of girls with names Aditi Rao Hyadri. After 28 minutes I stopped her and said-“” YES THERE YOU GO!!! SHE’S THE ONE””  you are reading this story on

Girl: So I am going to ask you a few questions and If you answer them as my brother wanted to- You will be granted your wish and I will finally get free from this world. My brother ensured that this wish gets to that person whom he likes!!

Girl: FIRST QUESTION- Why do you want to be her brother?

Me: Same reason you were cursed!! I want to fuck her brains out!! Your brother might be soft for you but I will know she is just my newly made sister. So, you can’t imagine what I have in mind!!

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Girl: SECOND QUESTION- If I were to grant you a second wish what would it be?

Me: I wish that I can be the master of my cock!!!

I may cum whenever I want I can make it long and short anytime, anywhere. And, I am able to throw as much cum as I want it to and as much thick and smelly as I want it to. Also, I want it to be replenished with new cum as soon as it completes ejaculating once!!!

Girl: THIRD QUESTION- What do you want to be? Elder Brother or Younger Brother?

Me: Elder brother!!!

Where she is of 25 years of age and I am approximately 35!!

Girl: CONGRATULATIONS!! GASPING FOR AIR BY HAPPINESS, She says-  “”You have successfully answered all questions correctly!!””

So, your wish in second question is granted. Also, so that I can find a place in heaven, I am giving you one more blessing-“”YOUR SISTER WOULD BE VERY STUPID AND INNOCENT EVEN AT THE AGE OF 25 YEARS””
So, You can fully exploit her.


Slowly the context starts filling in my head- Aditi was scared so she came into my room, Thinking I was asleep she just slipped in my sheet without even knowing that I am nude from chest down!!

Me: Aditi!! What are you doing here??

Aditi: Brother, I was really scared of the tree standing outside my room’s window and the way it was swaying…….(Aditi shudders)

Me: No, I don’t want to listen anything, Go to your room right now!!

Aditi: Please Brother let me stay here for the night Please Please Please Brother Please!!!! Please Brother Please!!- (Aditi starts sobbing)  you are reading this story on
Me: OKK OKK You can stay here!!

I started growing my cock to 8 inches and Aditi again put her ass towards me- I started touching her as with my cock!! She didn’t notice. Then I slowly opened the knot of her white panty and started rubbing the cock in her ass-crack. you are reading this story on Suddenly she grabs it by her hand and twists her head and peeking under the sheets- and asks- What is this brother??
Me: Nothing just leave it and turn around or go to your room!!
She immediately left it and turned around sobbing….
I whispered very soflty-“” IT IS A LOLLIPOP FOR VERY SPECIAL GIRLS””

Aditi: OHH BROTHER!! I want this lollipop and in the process she grabs it and pulls it up and down twice. I got goosebumps.
Me: No, I don’t like you! You won’t get this lollipop.

Aditi: Bhaiya why don’t you like me?? I am your only sister….. She again unknowingly jerks him for 2 minutes while arguing and again starts to sob… Tears starts rolling off her eyes and she says- Please Bhaiya It looks so big please let me lick it!!!

ऑडियो सेक्स स्टोरी लड़की की सेक्सी आवाज में सुने >>

She starts to reach his cock with her mouth and she almost takes the whole of it when he suddenly pulls her head away and he MOANS in the process and says- Put on the dress you wore in your yesterday’s award ceremony and then maybe we can talk!!

She goes and comes back in 20 minutes and immediately jumps on the bed and says- Now Bhaiya can I have it now??

Me: Wait a minute first turn on the lights She goes and turns on the lights and both brother and sister’s mouths open and their jaw falls- Aditi: Bhaiya It just got bigger!!

Me: Ya It was bound to happen(murmuring)

Aditi: What bhaiya??


She jumps on the bed and at once takes her brother’s whole dick in her mouth and starts sucking it as a child sucking a lollipop.
Aditi: Bhaiya It is so tasty Wow Ummm Ummmm Ummm Ahhhh Ahhhh Ummmm OH MY GOD BHAIYA It is so tasty UMmm Ummmm Slurp slurp SSSlllllluuuuuurrrrrppppppp……………………Ummmm

My eyes were closed and I was in heaven when her voice brought me back…..
Aditi: Bhaiya when will cream come out of this lollipop?? you are reading this story on
Me: See my little sister you have to suck it out of the lollipop So, JUST SQUEEZE THE SHAST UP AND DOWN WHILE SUCKING AT THE HEAD OF THE LOLLIPOP. And Don’t forget to move your head up and down too while sucking OKKK!!!

Aditi: YESS BHAIYA!!!!
She starts to jerk his shaft with her both hands while she was sucking her brother’s cock’s head like a vacuum cleaner and moving her head up and down very fast!!!!
He starts to ejaculate-
Me: Drink it Aditi, Drink it………………..!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is your cream!!!

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